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“Where to start ... Fabulous Drs ! Fabulous practice !

-Stormy S., patient mom for 3-5 years

“Everyone in the office has been wonderful and are always kind and helpful. Dr. Brooks has been such a huge help as we navigate our child's special needs journey. He answers questions on a level that we can understand and allows us to have an input as what we think is best. We are blessed and thankful for Dr. Brooks and the care we receive.

-Jonathan C., patient dad for 6+ years

“Where do I start? The New building is amazing and so spacious. The rooms are awesome and clean. Front staff is friendly and caring. We are 99% of the time able to get in when needed and if not that day they try to get you in there the next day. Nurses are amazing and when you call they get back to you by the end of the day or first thing the next morning. Last BUT not least.. Dr. Branham!! She is hands down the best pediatrician ever!! She’s been seeing my kids for the past 11 years and has been amazing. I trust her and she truly cares for them and wants what is best for them. She is so valued and feels like she’s a part of our family!

-Brittany P., patient mom for 6+ years

“Dr. Branham is absolutely wonderful with our children! She is so patient with them and never rushes. She takes her time to make sure the parents and the kids understand everything. We are so grateful for the amazing care given to our children.

-Rachel W., patient mom for 6+ years

“Dr. Branham always goes above and beyond to answer questions I might have and make sure my daughter is growing in to a happy and healthy young lady. I never feel rushed during our visits and she takes the time to truly understand what we need. My daughter isn’t afraid of visits (and actually looks forward to them) because she is always treated as an equal and given a voice at each appointment.

-Beth G., patient mom for 6+ years

“Dr. Branham has gone to extraordinary lengths for my son! He’s been a mystery child for sure! But she’s never given up on us! And she’s cared for more than just my son but She’s also been there not just as a doctor but as a mother during our appointments!

-Samantha M., patient mom for less than 2 years

“We love B&B Pediatrics, both Brooks and Branham! Dr Brooks is extremely encouraging of my husband and I as parents. As a mom of 5, I see him a lot and he treats us like family. He's an excellent doctor! Dr Branham is amazing with the kids. She doesn't use big scary doctor words around them, she talks to them at their level and makes them feel included in their care. I'm very confident that as my kids grow they're in very good hands with Dr Brooks and Dr Branham.

-Rachel M., patient mom for less than 2 years

“We love Dr. Branham! She is thorough and takes her time with our children. She answers all of our questions and is very caring.

-Heather J., patient mom for 6+ years

“B&B Pediatrics has been friendly since we walked through the door. The office and Dr. Branham are fun, thorough and you’re in and out. I feel blessed walking out the door every time knowing that my kids are patients of Dr. Branham. It’s a peace of mind I would not trade. 😊

-Amy O., patient for less than 2 years


-Diana, patient mom for 3-5 years

“I love Dr. Branham she listens and gives great care to my child. Dr. Branham takes time with her patients and makes sure she covers everything.

-Anonymous, patient parent for 3-5 years

“Dr. Branham is the best of the best. She takes the time to review any concerns that you are having. She is compassionate, and her genuine care shines through every time we have an appointment. She takes the time to build a relationship with each kid. We would not trust the care of our three children to anyone else.

-Bailey B., patient mom for 6+ years

“Our kids love visiting Dr. Branham. She takes the time to get to know her patients and treats them with respect. I like that the practice has added a nurse practitioner and is considering extended hours/weekend hours.

-Anonymous, patient parent for 3-5 years

“Words could never cover how I feel about Dr. Branham and the care she has shown my son since he was born. I have never once questioned her judgement (maybe not always listened or didn’t ask - but I’m a rebel ha!). She never has made me feel as if a question or concern of mine is too silly or crazy - she addresses it in a way I understand and is not over my head. She also shows care for her parents also. I have never met a pediatrician as thorough and professional, yet kind, approachable and down to Earth as her. We would be absolutely lost without Dr. Branham in every single way!

-Anonymous, patient parent for 6+ years

“Doctor Brooks has been amazing!!! We have seeing him since the birth of my first child. He is caring and understanding. He always has awesome advice and listens to my concerns. I cannot say enough about how great of a doctor he has been to our children and us parents. Thank you Doctor Brooks for always being there to listen to all my concerns and after hours calls. Thank thank you!!!”

-Sophia S., patient mom for 3-5 years

“To say that we like this office would be a huge understatement...we LOVE this office. We can't say enough good things about Dr. Branham and the staff. From the front desk, to nursing staff, to the billing department, everyone has been great! Every person that works here addresses our daughter directly, gives her time to answer questions and listens to her. It's very empowering for a child to have their voice be heard and they give her that experience every time. We could go on and on about Dr. Branham, she really is wonderful! On the very rare occasion that she hasn't had a same or next day opening for an acute issue, Dr. Brooks offered to help us out and he was great, too. This truly is a very special place! ♡

-Anonymous, patient parent for 6+ years

We love Dr. Brooks! He is thorough and down to earth. His staff is all kind, as well. We have also seen Dr. Branham, and she is lovely. What I most appreciate about this practice is that they care not only about the physical, but about all forms of your child's development. Something I remember that stuck out to me was on my first visit with every child, Dr. Brooks took time to ask about mom was doing with new baby, breastfeeding questions, etc. It made me feel like he was invested in our child's welfare, and now 11 years and three children later, I still feel this way.

Ashley M., patient mom for 6+ years